About CreateX3

CreateX3 is a sort of digital playground run by Damon DiMarco, a writer and actor based in New York City.

It’s a website devoted to makers, visionaries, and people who just aren’t content to sit on their a$$es … unless they’ve just made something cool.

(In which case, it’s totally fine to relax for a bit and dream about what you want to do next!)

“Writers, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, fight choreographers, sculptors, graphic artists, painters, cooks, crafters, con-langers, voiceover artists and audiobook narrators, DIYers, world-builders, and more … !

… If you do anything creative, or if you think of yourself an artist, we invite you to call CreateX3 your home!” — Damon DiMarco

For more information, please email Damon at mail (at) damondimarco.com.

In the meantime, KEEP CREATING!

… Getting there!
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