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Success Coaching for Creatives helps artists who’ve gotten Stuck get Unstuck. Working with a good coach can help you find and develop what the ancient Greek philosophers called arête, meaning “excellence.” When practiced diligently, excellence manifests in your art … but also permeates your life and relationships. At which point is shapes your future.

Are you a writer, actor, dancer, musician, poet, sculptor, website builder, photographer, or entrepreneur?

Me too. I’m an artist. Meaning I make things.

These days, few people know what that’s like.

Creative people — artists — are a very particular breed with a very particular way of viewing the world.

Practically everything about us is different: our lifestyles, thoughts and emotions, the way we file our taxes each year.

But of all the differences artists have from the “general population,” there’s one things that utterly separates us from the rest of the pack.

Artists sometimes Get Stuck. When this happens, it can be painful.

What is Getting Stuck?

Writers call it writer’s block. Some actors call it actor’s block.

A painter I once knew called it The Blahs. Each time the Blahs hit, she would stare at a fresh blank canvas and see … well, nothing at all.

“What’s the damn point?” she would ask me when The Blahs would seize her. “Yeah, I could pick up my brushes and start a new piece. But I’d just end up f*cking it up.” 

If creation is heaven then Stuck is hell. Stuck is when all that is fresh turns stale. The gorgeous blossom withers and droops. Its stem turns brittle and snaps in half.

Have you been there? So have I. It sucks.

At one point, I got so Stuck so badly, I considered abandoning art altogether. That was a very low point in my life, but one I look back on now with a lot of gratitude.


Because: Getting Stuck was precisely the kick in the ass I needed to figure out what Getting Stuck is … and then how to Get Unstuck.

My Background

My name is Damon DiMarco. I’m a professional actor, writer, playwright, and historian. I also conduct principle research at the CompassNeedle, a think tank devoted to partnership solutions in a hierarchical world.

For years, I taught college courses in acting, directing, movement, voice, and speech.

I also founded the Writing Workshop for Public Intellectuals, a capstone program for PhD students in the History and Culture Program at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.

I still act and write professionally.

When I’m not working, I’m a father, partner, son, and friend who hunts, collects, restores, and uses vintage manual typewriters for fun.

But none of that’s really important. Here’s what is:

Like you, I’m a practicing creative. Which means I know all about Getting Stuck because I’ve been there countless times myself.

But not anymore.

These days I can honestly say that Getting Stuck was the best thing that every happened to me. Because it forced me to study and research — then to practice — how to Get Unstuck.

That’s what Success Coaching for Creatives is based on — my methods for Getting Unstuck.

Has your writing practice ground to a halt? Are you in a spot where you can’t finish that novel or screenplay?

Are your auditions tanking? No more callbacks? Maybe the business is getting you down?

Has your songwriting muse abandoned you?

Is the business you built from scratch suddenly tanking and you don’t know why?

Have you started to doubt yourself? Are you blocked? Are you ready to call it quits?


It would be my pleasure to help you overcome your greatest obstacles and get you to a spot where you’re doing the very best work you’re capable of.

And then we’ll go even further.

What It’s Like to Work With Me

When I do Success Coaching for Creatives, I spend about 60 percent of the time listening … 20 percent asking questions … 10 percent telling stories … and the final 10 percent making suggestions.

I’m not a cheerleader. I don’t get all RAH-RAH, in your face. I’m not a personal trainer who screams at you to crank out more lunges or reps. I don’t call you names to motivate you.


Quiet. Incisive. Confident. In your corner.

That’s me.

I believe what Jiddu Krishnamurti once said:

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”

My clients usually come to understand that what they perceive as their greatest weakness is really their greatest strength.

In the course of our work, you might hear me talk about Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Or Aristotle. Or Vedic science.

Now and then I might quote from the synoptic gospels of the New Testament, the Wall Street Journal, the Upanishads, or Dr. Phil. With occasional references to Jewish mysticism.

Sometimes I’ll tell stories from the vast canon of Zen literature. Or show biz tales I’ve run across in my travels. Now and then, a personal story, so long as it applies.

Here and there, I might work in contemporary thinkers like Brené Brown, Viktor Frankl, Byron Katie, and Eckhart Tolle.

For spice, I might reference the Gnostic gospels unearthed at the Nag Hammadi in Egypt, in 1945.

Basically, I view coaching as finding the proper perspective that works for you … the one that reframes your current dilemma into something you can not only work with but feed upon … and gets you back to creating.

The way I see it, human creativity follows certain basic rules. Here’s one of them:

Our muses love us when we love them.

Feed them red wine and chocolates, let them sit in your favorite chair, and they’re likely to come back more often. They tend to hang around longer and longer.


Treat your muse poorly and … yeah, okay. She might come back the next day. Maybe two days, if you’re lucky. But muses are smart. They know when you’re not really into them.

And a muse can’t stand a liar. If you lie, they’ll ditch you for somebody else.

The Nitty Gritty

I don’t take insurance. Sorry.

I charge a fair rate. Meaning ‘fair for both of us.’ Some coaches will you charge an arm and a leg. That’s not my model. I consider it a privilege to work with fellow creatives. Also, as a working artist, I have deadlines that require my attention.

Unless you purchase a discounted package, I charge by the session. Which means you’re free to stop working with me at any time. If I’m not helping you, you should feel free to try something or someone else with no strings attached.

Yes, we can use your session as a workshop to:

  • approach a character and run lines (if you’re an actor)
  • plot your novel
  • discuss the proposal for your non-fiction book
  • structure your screenplay
  • work out the bridge to your song
  • strategize about your product line
  • plan your gallery opening

Whatever you need, I’m here to act as your sounding board. “Success Coaching for Creatives” means I’m here to help you succeed.

Most of the time, I coach by Zoom. But I also work by FaceTime or phone.

And I’m based in NYC. So personal sessions here are possible at my studio on the Upper West Side.

All sessions last one hour unless you want to book me for longer at the outset.

Contact Me for Your Complimentary One-Hour Discovery Session

The one-hour discovery session is a way for us to get to know one another.

We discuss the issues that brought you to coaching and the many ways you can start tackling these issues right away.

If, after that first session, we decide we make a good fit for each other, of course we can take things from there.

The discovery session allows you to risk nothing while potentially gaining everything.

It’s exactly the situation I’d want if I were looking for help. Which is why I’m offering it to you.

Booking your discovery session is easy. Just e-mail me: mail (at)

I’ll get back to you right away.

Until then, wishing you courage and grace to create, create, create!

Damon DiMarco

Success Coaching for Creatives

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